By Elaine M.D., a relationship coach and a best-selling relationship author.

Will You Get Commitment Soon? 

Take this quiz:

Are you struggling from not knowing whether your boyfriend or a man you are dating is thinking of proposing you?

Do you have trouble finding and sustaining a relationship with the right man for you?

Do you seem to have a chain of short-term, or even long-term relationships that never go all the way to commitment and marriage?

If you've answered yes to any of the questions above, read the three stories below and put a check mark next to one or more which sound familiar to you.

Story #1

Jenny met Paul at a party. In fact, it didn't have to be at a party. It could have been at an amusement park, a museum, being set up by mutual friends, or even on a dating site. It doesn't really matter how they met because the development of their relationship did not depend upon the mere fact how they met.

They hit it off right away. That first night they spent an incredible time together.

After that first time Jenny waited patiently for Paul's call just like a good girl should. She tried to not seem to pushy or needy.

Three days later Paul called her!

Jenny was ecstatic. But she tried to be cool and to seem calm. Paul asked her to go to the movies with him.

Long story short, after their first official date their relationship took a very speedy upturn. They stayed up late talking and walking on the beach turning the rocks and looking at the stars. Paul was a hopeless romantic. He brought her flowers for no reason at all and surprised her with little gifts.

Jenny wrote poems and sent him animated greeting cards via e-mail.

He told her she was everything he ever wanted in a girl and even dropped hints that she was someone he could marry one day.

One weekend Paul invited Jenny to go skiing. She packed her skiing gear and off they went.

They joked around a lot on the way up to the mountains and generally had a blast during the four-hour drive. Time flew so fast they didn't even notice. And there they were at the cabin that Paul had rented for the weekend.

That same night, tired but happy, with their cheeks burning from being up in the mountains and in the snow, they sat in their dimly lit mountain cabin and listened to the fire cracking in the fireplace.

Jenny felt so much in love and thought that Paul felt the same way. She just knew she was ready. And you know what I mean when I say that, don't you?

Well, one thing lead to another and they ended up on the couch in the living room.

The following morning Jenny woke up in Paul's big arms. The stubborn sun rays had made their way through the curtains and were tickling her face and her eyes. She lifted her head off of Paul's big chest and looked at his face lovingly while he was asleep.

That moment she knew they were meant to be together forever.....

~ * ~

As time passed, Paul became increasingly irritable with Jenny. They started getting into arguments over little things. She felt unappreciated, as if anything she did only made it worse.

The marriage talk seemed to have evaporated as if it was an illusion, a product of her imagination.

She knew Paul loved her and she loved him dearly. But it was just something she couldn't put a finger on that stood on the way of them getting on the same page.

A few times she attempted to initiate a talk about where this relationship was going, but Paul interrupted her abruptly, and she just shut down out of fear to scare him away.

She began walking on egg shells. She tried so hard to make the relationship work, but every time she tried, she ended up hurt even more.

And then she shut down and bottled up her feelings. She was too afraid to make a mistake. But once in a while she'd explode. Her anger and rage came seemingly from nowhere.

And then something happened. One day they had an argument and Paul left.

He just took his black leather coat off of the hanger and shut the door behind him.

She didn't know where he was going.

arrow Does this story sound familiar to you? If yes, place a check mark in the box.

Story #2

Sylvia was a stunningly beautiful woman. Not only she was beautiful, she was exotic. Dark long hair, olive skin, and her big brown eyes melt men's hearts. She walked into the room and her beautiful figure draped in the red dress perfectly accentuating her curves made heads turn.

She was very much focused on her successful career, but by the age of thirty one thing that she felt was missing in her life was a husband and a family.

Sylvia went on multiple dates, but despite her beauty men seemed to always fall off and she barely made it to date number three.

Some men stuck around for a while only to toy with her feelings, have sex with her and disappear breaking her heart. She just couldn't understand why she could not sustain a relationship beyond a few casual dates.

arrow Does this story sound familiar to you? If yes, place a check mark in the box.

Story #3

Betty was with her boyfriend of four years. Out of these four years, they were living together for two. She was in her early thirties and had a budding career. Her boyfriend Bob was a mechanic working odd hours, and yet he made good money. In short, the two of them made a decent living that would allow them to get their own condo.

And yet, after being together for this long, Bob was still unsure about marriage.

Betty was getting increasingly frustrated, seeing her childbearing years passing by with the speed of light, and the commitment talk was still where it began – at the starting line. She felt that the longer she waited, the more Bob put off the talk about becoming official. And when she tried to talk about it, he always said that they were still young, that he wanted to go back to school part time, and that he wasn't ready.

arrow Does this story sound familiar to you? If yes, place a check mark in the box.


So, what did all these three women have in common? Besides being great catches all the way around, they all had one burning desire – the desire to have a husband, a family and children.

But why none of them could finally achieve the commitment they deserved? The commitment every woman deserves, including you and I.

Shocking Fact:

Playing hard to get DOES NOT WORK!

Yes, this is true that everything that we learned from our grandmas about playing hard to get and being aloof and cold DOES NOT WORK!

This is because not all men fall for these silly games; and even those who fall for it are only in it as long as the challenge is there but disappear once their prey is caught!

Playing hard to get is a temporary fix! Not only it is an elusive victory, it drains you because you can't be yourself! And the worse thing is that it is actually ...

... hurting your chances for commitment!

If you've ever asked yourself this question; what makes a man commit to a woman for life? this will be the most important page you'll ever read because in just a few minutes, as you read every word on this page, you will discover that shockingly most men who are presently either single and dating, or are currently in a relationship, and the men who are involved with their current girlfriends, all these men who are seemingly afraid of commitment, deep down desire more than anything to make commitment to the right woman!

Yes, Even Your Man, and Most Men You Date Want a Committed Relationship and Marriage...

And Every Man Is Secretly Hoping That One Day YOU WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!

And I Can Prove This To You Right Now, Right On This Page...

Let me ask you something...

arrowDo you find it shocking that the man you have been dating exclusively.... maybe even living with... who gives you all kinds of excuses for not committing to you secretly desires to commit?

… and you don't have any idea!

But what's even more shocking is that a man will date a woman exclusively for months and even years, make passionate love to her, even be in love with her, and yet commit to someone else when the right woman comes along!

As you read this entire page you will find out WHY!

When I learned about it myself, SUDDENLY my whole world SHUTTERED...

I discovered that men SECRETLY AND SUBTLY WAIT for the right woman to come along....


while YOU ARE sleeping with him!

Your Man Keeps Looking For The Right Woman!

The One He'll MARRY!

…. and until that happens....

….. he is KILLING TIME with YOU!

But the good news is that YOU CAN CHANGE IT!

If you bang your head against the brick wall asking yourself OVER AND OVER......

Why Doesn't He Commit?

Why Doesn't He Commit To Me?

The answer is that he does not FEEL that YOU are THE ONE (just yet)

….... and it's not going to be long until he finds The One!

And when that happens you will be OUT of his life!

Yes, just like that!

With a snap of a finger...


...unless you learn something very soon...... right now!

And if you are presently dating or even living with a man who is not committed to you, who keeps saying that he doesn't want anything serious, who says that your relationship is casual, and says that he is NOT READY for a serious relationship and commitment...... YOU ARE sitting on a time bomb waiting to explode!

WAKE UP! Stop listening to his EXCUSES!

It's not true that he is not ready!

He is feeding you all imaginable excuses while he KEEPS LOOKING for her!

Yes, every man WANTS to find her!

And every day that day when he meets her gets closer and closer.... because EVERY DAY he is exposed to new people.... and it's just a matter of time WHEN... it's not a question IF he finds her....

…'s a matter on WHEN!

But meanwhile he is not cheating on you.... and you think that your relationship is perfectly normal because he is not seeing anyone else....

…. but it can't be farther from the truth!

… it's not because he is committed to you.... this is merely because once he finds the one he truly want to commit to (The One you can become once I show you how), he will no longer sleep with you because he will commit to her fully!

And if this has ever happened to you before when you wake up next to your boyfriend and when he looks at you and says...

…. I have to tell you something, honey.....

….........I am in love with someone else.........

…....someone else.........

Don't Let This Happen To You!

And your stomach just sinks....

You feel it just like a punch in the gut....

….....and you know he didn't mean to hurt you.......

…..........and he tried to minimize your pain.....

…...............but he thought it was time to let you know that he was ready to announce his wedding........

… his NEW LOVE

But Wait!

Perhaps you were thinking that you are building a relationship with your boyfriend......

.... and you are trying very hard to make it work...........

…..... but it doesn't work......... and ONE DAY he tells you he wants to spend some time apart........

….... and you later learn from his friend that YOUR BOYFRIEND is GETTING MARRIED to someone else.......... and that you are not even invited to his wedding!

And all you are left with is EXCRUTIATING PAIN!

… and you cry out WHY!? WHY NOT ME!?

But, don't worry!

Because since you are reading this page, he has not fallen in love with her yet....

That's why you want to hurry up and start right now...

And if you start implementing the strategies that I am going to teach you right now, YOU CAN STILL CHANGE IT!

And the best thing is that you can begin working your way straight to commitment practically overnight!

You can start immediately!

And you will see the effects right away!


Thank you so much! 

After reading your materials and following your advice I started seeing the changes almost immediately. 

One day when we had a very intimate moment (yes, I did what you describe in the chapter on how to deepen commitment and bring a man closer to you), my boyfriend finally said that he is hoping we'll stay together forever.

Elaine, I will make sure you get a VIP seating at my wedding!


-- St. Pete, FL

Did You Know That:

arrowScientific research proves that a man will not marry his current girlfriend no matter how good she is to him, no matter how passionate the lovemaking is, no matter how much he says he in love with her, unless this one requirement is met!

Yes, there is only one thing that men crave in a woman in order to commit to her.

Easily and Effortlessly....

You just need to start doing this one thing.... One Thing only that does not require any effort on your part..... You just have to know it....

You just need to show him something..... what your man secretly craves.... and is hoping that one day, one woman, perhaps YOU can give it to him.... That's what he lives for...

And if you give it to him, he'll love you forever!

I have studies relationships my whole life.

I have written numerous books on dating and relationship advice for men and women.

I have studied for years what it takes a man to commit to a woman...

arrowThere is One Simple Thing that every man craves....

But here is a catch...

He needs to FEEL it.. and it's NOT what you think....

If you think it's love, IT IS NOT..... because....

A man can be in love with a woman and still not want to commit to her..... 

If you show him this one thing that he needs in order to commit, he will commit to you forever.

It has NOTHING to do with playing mind games, being hard to get or playing hard to get, trickery or deceit...

Mind games that are designed to keep a man off balance only work temporarily.....

And if you have tried playing these games, you know that after you give in and finally feel like you can relax, your relationships collaps.

Games don't work! Period.

What I am going to teach you now is WHAT MEN WANT from the women they commit to...

Your man will be HAPPY and GRATEFUL you have learned it once I show you how...

What you are going to learn is how you can and will show your man exactly what he needs and give him exactly what he wants and actually MAKE HIM FEEL IT through the complex processes of his brain... which is different from a woman's brain...

Yes, neuro scans of the male and female brain have discovered that a man and a woman's brain function completely different...

And in order to make him FEEL truly committed to you, you can channel the processes of his brain in a way that will make him FEEL DEEPLY COMMITTED to you and your relationship...

And no trickery is involved. My advice is 100% legitimate. We are not going to lie to anyone, pretend or deceive anyone.

And once I show you how you will make him FEEL this way, he will COMMIT TO YOU!

If you think that your boyfriend is a hopeless commitment phobic, I must tell you.....




Guide To Commitment

guide to commitment
In this guide you will learn:
  • Why men will NEVER STOP LOOKING for The One until they find her, what it means to be his true Soul Mate according to men and how you can become The One for him (page 123)

  • The only one thing that all men want to find in a woman in order to commit forever (page 128; last paragraph)

  • Why men can have make passionate love to a woman and yet will not commit to her (once you read this entire guide you will understand this)

  • Why he keeps coming back to you but always runs away when you mention commitment and what you don't have (page 48)

  • The three ingredients that must be present in order to maintain a life-long commitment (create them and you'll have a guaranteed commitment for life) (page 9)

  • Should you tell him you love him first and how to tell him you love him to bring him closer to you and make him confess his love for you in a way that will make it seem that he's said it first (there is a whole plan is outlined on pages 53 - 56)

arrowYou will also find out:

  • Why men will stay with their girlfriends for months and even years and never make a marriage commitment and how you can turn this around and make him commit to you (page 123)

  • Not one but MULTIPLE things that you can do EASILY that every time you do each of them will make his body produce certain chemicals that act like magic love potion that will make him fall in love with you more and more every single time you do just one of them (pages 62 – 87)

  • One thing you should never do until he commits to you which you are probably doing right now if you are in a casual relationship and have done at least once in the past that ruined your chances for commitment; this has nothing to do with getting physical (page 87)

  • If you have troubles communicating with men and getting through to them, on page 25 I will show you something that men respond to better than they respond to your words. By using this one simple technique you can easily mesmerize any man

  • How to tell if a guy likes you – a sure-fire way to tell if he is attracted to you (pages 25 – 26)

  • What men like in a woman more than her looks (page 28)

  • Things you can do easily to get him in a receptive mood before you start an important discussion (page 32). Doing these will help you achieve harmony and make him more agreeable before you even start an all-important talk

  • What makes a man sexually more attracted to a woman regardless of her looks (page 34). You can use it with any man to make him more attracted to you, whether it's someone you are meeting on a blind date or your long-term boyfriend and you just want to re-ignite the spark in your relationship

  • What it REALLY means when a man you have just started dating starts dropping hints of marriage and how to react to it (page 36)

  • Why men don't call after sex and why they do (pages 42 - 43)

  • What men really think about women who have sex on a first date (page 46)

Imagine what it will be like to have the security and happiness of a life-long committed relationship with the man of your dream!

What's that worth it for you to finally have the commitment you've always dreamed about without trickery and deceit?



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Just remember that your investment in your happiness is priceless!

The reason you have been previously struggling with making a man fall in love so desperately that he will have no other choice but to commit to you is not because of you, and it's not because of the men you date.

Studies have shown that most single men want to get married.

There is a reason for it.

Biologically married men live longer and have a happier and healthier life than single men.

When you look at all the single men who are reluctant to commitment you think that men don't want to commit and get married.

But soon you will discover how to archive a life long committed relationship with the man of your dreams!


Reasons Why You Should Trust Me

I am Elaine M.D., a dating and relationship coach and a best selling author of numerous relationship books that have been sold all over the world, and whose advice have helped thousands of women on the planet get on the path of building successful committed relationships and marriages!

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If you have ever tried initiating a 'serious talk' or ask 'where this relationship is going' you know how exhausting it can be emotionally....

…. being in a state of limbo and not knowing whether your man is truly committed to you....

No more exhausting 'serious talks'!

You will never have to ask again, or be humiliated or rejected!

With The Guide To Commitment you have a path laid out for you! You just have to follow this guide all the way toward to marriage and commitment!

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Get the commitment you dream about easily and effortlessly without asking where this relationship is going

How a man's brain really works

Why men commit to some women and not others

Why he keeps coming back to you but won't commit to you

How you may be sabotaging your chances for commitment right now

What men want in women - the secret desires of every man

If you have been in an exclusive relationship with a man for a long time but can't seem to get him to commit, you are in for a shocking discovery that explains to you why your boyfriend may never commit to you no matter how long you date and even live together! 

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You will also find out why your man who you may be thinking is a commitment phobic secretly desires more than anything in the world to commit to his true soul mate, but not to you, and how to instantly change that and make him realize that YOU are his true soul mate!

I guarantee that once you learn these secrets outline in The Guide To Commitment, it will change your luck with men, and from today on you will begin a transformation into a powerful enchantress, the woman that every man can only dream about... The woman every man dreams about having for his wife!


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